Climate SOS (e-)Handbook released

We’re pleased to release the Climate SOS Handbook.

Our handbook provides an accessible introduction to many of the issues around fossil fuel subsidies and subsidy shifts to the zero-carbon economy.

What are the UK’s fossil fuel subsidies? How large are they? How could they be shifted to the zero-carbon economy and what positive impact would this have? How can we ensure that subsidy shifts don’t harm workers or communities? We hope that this handbook will provide readers with some answers to these questions.

With a range of case studies including fracking, Biomass and North Sea Oil and Gas, we hope it’s an easy-to-read exploration of an often-neglected subject. The handbook suggests how readers can take action to demand that the UK Government moves our money from fossil fuels to the zero-carbon economy.

The publication highlights some of the critical work that many organisations are doing on these issues. A supporting document on the ‘Resources’ page of the website provides key reading and references for each section and, in this way, we acknowledge – and salute – our sources.

We’ll be distributing fliers on November 6th at the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice mobilisation in Glasgow.

We’ll be selling the handbook for £1 – mainly to ensure that it goes to people who really want to read it. We’ve also put an electronic copy of the Handbook and its “companion” flier on the ‘Resources’ page of the website.

We’ll be sending a free complimentary copy to all our supporting groups.