Climate SOS (e-)Handbook released

We’re pleased to release the Climate SOS Handbook. Our handbook provides an accessible introduction to many of the issues around fossil fuel subsidies and subsidy shifts to the zero-carbon economy. What are the UK’s fossil fuel subsidies? How large are they? How could they be shifted to the zero-carbon economy and what positive impact wouldContinue reading “Climate SOS (e-)Handbook released”

Spreading the word at the People’s Assembly against Austerity Demo

We enjoyed spreading the word about the ‘Shift Our Subsidies’ campaign at the People’s Assembly demonstration in Manchester as the Conservative Party Conference opened. This was our first bit of face-to-face outreach in eighteen months. It was a good to be part of the Climate Bloc and to have conversations with others about their campaignsContinue reading “Spreading the word at the People’s Assembly against Austerity Demo”

Climate SOS publishes statement on shifting subsidies after Covid-19

After our launch in April 2020, Climate SOS has published today a statement that reflects on the Covid-19 crisis and how it demands an urgent shift of fossil fuel subsidies to the zero-carbon economy.  The statement recognises that “Covid-19 has changed the world irrevocably and is challenging humanity on many levels”. It has been writtenContinue reading “Climate SOS publishes statement on shifting subsidies after Covid-19”