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Our five demands to the UK Government

The solution isn’t complicated, it’s not rocket science. Emissions aren’t going to go down if the cost of fossil fuels isn’t honest. Economists are very clear on this. We need a steadily increasing fee that is then distributed to the public.” 

Professor James Hansen of Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions at Columbia University, Former Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

  1. Tell the truth about the UK Government’s fossil fuel subsidies at home and overseas.
  2. Publish specific, measurable and timed plans for an urgent phase-out of fossil fuel subsidies (and subsidies for industrial-scale bioenergy) and transfers of finance to subsidies for the zero-carbon economy.
  3. Introduce an independent carbon tax with dividends in the UK.  This carbon tax with dividends must be framed to prevent the climate and environmental impacts of bioenergy, too.
  4. Protect workers, communities and consumers by ensuring that the UK Government’s reform of fossil fuel finance takes place only as part of a just transition.  This fossil fuel finance reform must take place in tandem with the urgent roll-out of the zero-carbon economy. To deliver this zero-carbon economy, energy efficiency, non-emissive renewable energy, public transport and nature restoration must be financed from a range of sources including subsidy shifts.
  5. Show leadership in international meetings and negotiations with other countries to promote transparency and advocate and support the urgent introduction of subsidy shifts and a carbon tax with dividends (framed to prevent the climate and environmental impacts of bioenergy) in other countries as part of a just transition.